Our Packaging

White Pouches 

Our white window pouches which are used for our Organic Bath Milk Range are fully biodegradable in just 10 weeks. They are sourced locally from the UK and ordered in large quantities to minimise deliveries. 

Clear Pouches 

Our Clear Pouches are changing! 

Our Clear Pouches are used for our Full and Guest Size Salts and were previously made from recycled and recyclable PET. However, we have now found a supplier who manufacturers a range of fully compostable clear pouches and have made the switch! 

Moving forward 100% of our Luxury Bath Salts will be packaged in these fully compostable pouches.

Please note! There will be a transition period as we still have a number of Recycled pouches in our store which will be used until our supply runs out. We believe this is the most responsible method of making the switch as we do not want to magnify the issue by wasting these pouches. 

Tissue Paper

Our custom printed tissue paper is sourced from No Issue who are based in the UK and offer sustainable options for packaging. Our tissue paper is FSC certified, Acid free, Soy ink based and 100% recycled and recyclable. 


Our postcards are included in every box we send out as a way to connect you with your loved ones. They are sourced in the UK and are made from recycled paper which is FSC certified by Rainforest Alliance. 

Postage Boxes - White 

Our postal boxes are fully recyclable. Please recycle with your normal household recycling.

Pink Gift Boxes 

Our Pink Gift Boxes are used for all our gift collections and are FSC Mix 70%. 

What is FSC Mix 70%?

FSC Mix. When produced under the FSC percentage system, the product must contain a minimum of 70% FSC-certified wood/fibre and/or recycled input, and the balance must be Controlled Wood.


Our main labels are sourced from Handy Labels in the UK. Handy Labels use only PEFC and FSC suppliers and hold a very high standard of sustainability within their operations.