About Us

The Cove was established in a small village outside Truro in Cornwall early in 2021. 

Created out of a passion for Cornwall, the Cornish Coast and the Beauty of the Sea. 

We specialise in simple, uncomplicated, luxury bathing products which we hope provide you with a moment of bliss during your day. 

We strive for Kindness every day and in every interaction we have with our customers.

We have a wonderful community growing around us starting with our beautiful ambassadors, our truly fantastic stockists and customers and our growing and supportive network of small business in Cornwall and beyond. 

Our Values 

We are a small company with big values so if you feel we can improve - tell us! We want to be better and ensure we are true to our values. ​

'Nature doesn't discriminate and neither do we. Our products are handcrafted to be enjoyed by everyone. The world doesn't need more companies, it needs more transparent brands that give customers the power to choose. We will be open and honest in all our pursuits to deliver uncomplicated beauty to you. I'll be so happy if our products make you feel closer to the coast and the benefits of the sea'

Have a wonderful day, Bianca (Founder of The Cove Bathing)